About Our Lisbon Based Cafe

Largo Conde-Barao 25




We’re two brothers who grew up in Australia and wanted to live in a place that ticked all of our boxes; somewhere with a cool atmosphere, diverse culture, incredible surf, epic food, banging wine and good beer.

At Neighbourhood we’re all about having a good time, enjoying incredible coffee and decent food, listening to music that we love and ending the day with a cold beer or a banging wine.

So with this in mind, enjoy Neighbourhood and our new home.

Our Coffee

The cornerstone of our business and we’re super passionate about it, but it doesn't mean we’re some of those die hard coffee nerds. If it tastes good, we’re down with it. That being said, we use the Roasting Party for our day to day espresso blend cause, well it tastes reeeallllll good. Filters coffee we tend to change depending on what we get sent (feel free to send samples) or where we can get it from (in the world), but mainly our filters come from Scandinavia, UK and one bloke even sent us some from good ol Merica!


We love us some good food and definitely food that’s a bit different to the normal. Think Spice with eggs, or cured meats in place of bacon (hhhmmm bacon) and working with the best that Portugal has on offer. Our food is good, real good and if our food was just average then we wouldn't do it because we wouldn't want to eat average ourselves.


We have done a lot of beer “testing” and trust us when we say, Dois Corvos is one of the best Craft Beers in Portugal, maybe even the world. We work with those guys cause like us, they only want to put out really good shit and if it’s just average then they dont do it. We have draft beer on constant rotation but we’ll always have something you will like on tap.


Squashed grapes with no hangover, need we say any more? Portugal has an amazing selection of wines and especially Natural Wines. We always try to have Portugese Natural wines, but occasionally we’ll spot something we love so we’ll have to buy a case of that for the shelves as well.


We love a good party, in fact we throw a few wild parties ourselves every month. We usually find a chef specialising in a certain cuisine, ask them if they can cook for 300 people, call our mate who’s a DJ and get the kegs in. Oh and stick some flyers up around the city so everyone knows.

However, if you want to host a private party with us, give us a shout, we’re always keen.